Statement to Parents

Statement to Parents

This introductory keyboard section is for smaller kids, Kindergarten through 2nd Grade.

Please note that most children this young are unable to properly use a full size keyboard, as their hands are too small to reach all the keys. And they are just beginning to learn reading bigger words, understanding spelling, and putting together sentences.

These fun introductory exercises allow young children to get familiar with the concept of typing. Animated exercises allow them to visualize the simple sentences, and encourages them to type the letters shown. There is no scoring for this age group, everyone gets the same positive encouragement upon completing the exercise.

As the child grows older, you can setup a new account with the next age group (Grade 3 through Grade 5), which will actually begin the touch typing instructions.

No personal information is collected, there are no links to ANY site and NO advertising within this section. Login is optional, children of this age are not able to complete a login on their own. Parents may bookmark the typing page for easier return visits.

Parents may contact us through the Feedback form.

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