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Get your Typing Certificate!
To get your typing certificate, take the typing speed test at least FIVE times, your five highest typing scores will be averaged to determine your certified speed.

Once issued, your typing certification can be verified by others online (click here for an example). We will mail you a professionally printed certificate document suitable for framing, that contains your best typing scores and your online verification certificate ID. Certification documents are delivered by US mail in 4 to 7 working days (most US locations, international delivery times vary).

10 Key Certificate document
Take the typing test now, you can return to the typing certificate order page later by clicking the Click to get a Typing Certificate link that will appear below the test results. Or login to your account if you have scores saved. If you do not have an account click here to register for typing, then click the TYPING TEST link on the top left of the webpage. Remember, you must take the test at least 5 times in order to have sufficient scores for certification. You can take the tests as many times as you like, the best five typing speeds will be used.

If you want to verify typing certificates issued by Learn2Type.com, click here and enter the Typing Certificate ID.

A few Typing Certificate Testimonials from our members:
"Hey! Thanks a bunch for this website! I applied for a great job and to my surprise, they are asking for a typing certificate. I found your website to practice, test my typing skills, AND get my typing certificate ALL IN ONE! THANK YOU!!" -SN
"Improving my typing I find that this site is great in helping to fine tune the skills and the test and other skill improvement sources are wonderful and simple to use. I also love the opportunity to improve and obtain a certificate to verify the skills." -Phyllis
"I just want to thanx to whom ever made this website because it really help to improve my typing skill and it's free and we can also get a certificate.it's really neat." - Fitria
"Just want to thank you for sending my certificate. It was recieved within a few days. I will tell my colleagues about your fast service." - Linda K.
" This site is amazing! I took my certificate to 2 job interviews ... And I got the job I wanted. Now I am back to improve my score and shoot for higher paying job! " - SP
"I am so pleased that I found this site-its a life saver-at least in my case I had saved enough test results to get myself 56wpm-I would like to get a certificate with respect to 56wpm" - madhavjee
"On a brighter note I will say thanks. I got made redundant in December 2008. The typing certificates are helping me find office jobs." - Wendy H.
"I am so glad I found this site, yesterday I singed up with a site that charged eight dollars every two months for an account and they didn't even offer certificates. I like this site, I can practice and practice and when I get to where I want to be I can order a certificate to frame. Thanks to those who made this site for all to use. " - Cm
"I'am so proud of this certificate of my typing skill's and my 10Key certificate. Thank you so much for the oppertunitey to advance my skill's and to acheive the goal I wont to in life.Thank you so much." - Teresa A.E
"Hai, I like this website, because its great useful to me.I improved my typing skills alot by doing the exercises and practicing it daily. I like the new certification program too.Thanks,Regards" - Kaleswari
"Thankyou learning 2 type i have enjoyed using the site to learn 2 type i shall continue using it until i gain my certificate thankyou once again and i also had a go at the word games as well very good ." - Sue
"Yhis is a cool site. I got my speed certificate for 18 words per minute." - Lesly
" this is an excellent website. it affords one the opportunity to practice typing. i was "in my job for twenty years." One gets into a 'comfort zone', and because of new management, I was 'pushed out'. Now, at 55+, I am unemployed, I 'facing' testing which I have not had to face for 20 years!! I'd love a certificate but right now, money is very tight. Thanks so much for these opportunities!!" - Gerry