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Games and puzzles to relax (and to sharpen your brain) between typing lessons.

"Typing Games" do NOT teach you to type. Some sites pretend to teach you typing with a game, but you only end up playing games and not learning anything. Typing is serious stuff - either use the typing tutor, or play games - a list of kid-safe games is below. There is a time and place for everything, make enough time to learn and keep a little time aside to enjoy the finer side of computers (the games!). Without some play, all work would make you dull, not to mention bored out of your mind. So stay sharp with a lot of typing practice and a little bit of playtime to unwind between lessons.

Online Games List:
Bubble Shooter Arcade Game - an addictive and fun arcade game of popping bubbles. Launch a colored cue-ball and pop like colored bubbles. Unending levels, as long as you don't lose!
Sudoku Number Puzzle Game - popular Sudoku numerical puzzle game. The Soduko puzzle grid must be completed with each of the numbers 1 thru 9. Each number must occur only once in each segment within the games grid. Multiple game levels and puzzle difficulty levels are available.
Find the Words Puzzle Game - a difficult but exhilarating "find the words" puzzle game. Find the game words within the puzzle jumble of letters, click and drag the the mouse to mark each word in the game grid. With several thousand words and multiple games difficulty levels, this game will provide unlimited puzzle challenges.
Bricks Break Out Game - the classic "brick in the wall" arcade game. Bounce the ball off the paddle using your mouse in this game, eat up the bricks while keeping the ball in play. A classic oldie game, sure to provide lots of fun for all ages.
Asteroids Arcade Game - the simple age-old classic arcade Asteroids game. Fly your spaceship around and shoot up asteroids and UFOs.
Donkey Kong Arcade Game - everyone remembers Donkey Kong, the goofy but mean ape that hurls barrels and flaming debris on poor Mario, who has to jump and climb ladders to rescue the girl.
PacMan Arcade Game - the classic arcade game of Pacman. Gobble the dots while avoiding the ghoulish blobs, eat the special dots to turn the tables on the meanies and eat them too. Everyone loves Pacman!
Space Invaders Arcade Game - everyone knows Space Invaders, arguably the oldest and best known shoot-em-up type game in history. Shoot the hordes of space invaders and UFOs and defend your planet.
Tetris Puzzle Game - the game Tetris is probably the most popular puzzle game across all mediums, even most mobile phones have a version of Tetris. It takes logic and application of geometry to fit the shapes in this fun game.
Maze Puzzle Game - the classic Maze puzzle game, can you find your way out of the maze? With random game patterns and multiple puzzle difficulty levels, this games sure to challenge the mind.
Slider Puzzle Game - the classic Sliding Tile puzzle game. Can you reassemble the picture in the puzzle? Click with your mouse to move tiles in the puzzle grid, each move is counted. Complete the puzzle in as few moves as possible. With multiple games levels and several random puzzle pictures, this game is an age-old mental exerciser that is sure to entertain all ages.
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