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Ten Key Speed

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Top Error-Free Ten Key Speeds Today 07/16/2024
Can you beat these top tenkey test speeds?      

tardigrade81 keyed 17888 KPH (with no errors)
championtypst37 keyed 15470 KPH (with no errors)
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What is an average ten key speed?
Generally, a ten key speed of 8,000 KPH (Keystrokes Per Hour) is considered an average 10-key speed. An average speed should not be confused with a "minimum speed" that some employers may use as a job requirement - an applicant must exceed the stated minimum speed. Some office jobs may have a higher minimum tenkey speed requirement than the standard "average" tenkey speed.

What is a good 10 key speed?
A ten key speed above 8,000 KPH (Keystrokes Per Hour) is higher than the average score, and over 10,000 KPH is usually considered a high speed (when it is achieved with zero errors).

Why are errors during data entry bad?
An error is a mistake, and making mistakes in number data is frowned upon by employers. Just keying numbers fast is not enough, the accuracy of the typist is equally important. The time wasted making corrections from excessive errors far outweighs any advantage from keying the numbers faster. In a ten key test, the test taker is penalized by deducting ten KPH per error. It is therefore more productive to correct errors with the backspace key immediately, rather than rushing through the 10 key exercise just to beat the clock.