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Typing Lesson 2

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This exercise will reinforce LETTER KEYBOARD LOCATIONS with associated FINGER MOTION.

Place your fingers comfortably on the Home Row Keys and begin the exercise below. At first you will have to look down at the keyboard, but soon you will instinctively relate the correct finger motion for each key. As you progress, make the effort to avoid looking at the keyboard while completing the exercises.

To make uppercase (CAPITAL) letters, press and hold the SHIFT key with the opposing hand pinkie finger. For example, for capital A press and hold the SHIFT key with your RIGHT pinkie, then press the A key with your left hand finger. You must press the SHIFT key before the letter key to make it uppercase. The same SHIFT method is required for symbols that are marked higher on other keys, such as above numbers.

Type the keys shown and click the DONE button (or press the ENTER key in some browsers), your performance will be automatically evaluated, and the next exercise will adjust to your skill level. The letters shown below have extra spacing between them for readability, do not type spaces between them. When a space is expected in the exercise, the symbol SPACE will be displayed. You do not need to repeat the sequence, just type it exactly as shown below.

  Lesson 2
Z Z 2 2 3 3 % % SPACE SPACE N N I I ( ( 0 0

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