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Home Row Exercises

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This exercise will reinforce HOME ROW KEY LOCATIONS.

First we will practice the HOME ROW KEYS, which are in the middle row of the keyboard;
a s d f j k l ;
place your fingers on these keys, starting with your left pinkie finger on the A key, and ending with your right pinkie finger on the ; key. Hold both your thumbs just above the SPACE BAR, avoid resting your thumbs on the SPACE BAR.

Begin by moving ONLY your left pinkie finger (not your entire wrist), and strike the A key firmly. Continue with the next finger on the S key, then the D key, then the F key. Do the same action with your right hand, starting with your right pinkie finger on the ; key, then continue with the next finger on the L key, then the K key, then the J key.

Click the DONE button (or press the ENTER key in some browsers) when finished. The letters shown below have extra spacing between them for readability, do not type spaces between them. This is the preliminary exercise, so take your time to find the most comfortable wrist and finger placement. You have to type the exercise exactly as shown below.

  Home Row Exercise
a a a s s s d d d f f f ; ; ; l l l k k k j j j

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