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Learn2Type.com has received many, many accolades and testimonials (over 567 comments displayed) about how good our service is! Below are some of the comments we have received from our users, as the list is enormous only 50 testimonials are displayed on a page, feel free to browse through all the pages about our typing tests and typing certification. Note that all testimonials are un-edited and appear exactly as typed by the members.

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"I just wanted to say thank you, for giving me this opportunity to learn how to tpye for free, all other courses here online want money, and I think this is a great course." - Michele H
"These exercise has made me more accurate at typing, I really enjoy it."- Ben
" I have found this site to be helpful. Thanks so much! I have found this site to be helpful, although, I don't get on to much of the time. I have improved my speed, as well as my typing. God Bless." -Marjorie
"THE BEST SITE ON THE WEB My typing is getting to be first rate and I have this website to thank!!! And the fact that I dont' have to pay for this practice is the BEST EVER!!!! " -Gigi M
"The test got me a really good job by practicing Thanks alot." -Vanessa
"I think that this is a really good program for any age." -gaby
"Thank you for all you have done for me I want to thank you again for all you have done i can type faster and I don't have to look at the kyeboard and that means that ya'll taught me alot and I want to thank you one more time because I didn't know how to do that at first and now I do Thank You Love Katlyn ." -katlyn
"I first came on the net typing like a tortoise i was really slow and i wanted to be faster so i came on this site and now im like really quite fast i need to slow down actually LOL GREAT SITE!" -Jade
"This website is so usefull. I suggest everyone to try and learn how to type here. The best thing about it is it's for FREE!!! " -melanie
"This is such a cool website. I just keep coming here every night and i improve on my typing skills."- Liz
" Thanks for a great site! I am using it to increase my typing speed and accuracy. I didn't have enough money to spend on software and this site offers the help and challenges that I would get from expensive Typing Tutor software. I also enjoy the "10 key tests" for my numeric skills, speed and accuracy. Very Cool Site!"- Joanne
"The site is really very good for anyone who wish to learn typing. It is very well managed and truly interactive. I would like to thank the persons involved and appreciate their due efforts for making the site really worth... Thank you." -Nikhil
"Whomever thought of the site had a great idead it is really helping me to learn where to keep my fingers on the keyboard and helping me master typing without looking. thanks." -Ashley B
"I just wanted to thank you,these typing tests are helping me out alot, jojo." -JO-JO
"What a cracking site! Even my daughters learning now ... " -Jules
"This progame has improved my typing skills. Thank you for having this on the internet." -Rebecca
"Hi there, what a great website!! I found out that my typing speed is poor and my spelling is even worse! I had the wrong impression about myself and now I know that I need more, LOTS MORE, practice if I want to be efficient in my job. Thank you very much for showing me where I need to grow. Regards Nadine." -Nadine Z
"I am 34 years old and I have taken typing in High School and I did very well. Now I'm not doing so well. I have the accuracy down to a degree, but the speed isn't doing so well. Also, I have been a teller for six years and when I took the ten key test, I was shocked at my horrible score, I've learned alot here!." -Debra B
"i love this website because it helps me to practise my typing skills and i also love it because it gives me free typing tests!! THANK YOU FOR THE PERSON WHO INVENTED THIS SITE!." -nadine
"I like this website it is helping me a great deal so I can pass the typing test for a job in the postal field." -Rhonda W
"i think that the website is very good and i will love to stay on the web." - shanoya m
"I thought that your program was very interesting i would like to join into your program so how would I do that. I heard about your program through many of my emploees hope its great like they said it would be.so please teach me. Thanks." -Christina
"I have really enjoy this program, as I have always wanted to learn to type. I must admit I goofed around in typing class, instead of trying to learn to type. Now I type all the test for both of my girls who are teachers. I really enjoy doing this." - Dee C
"Thank you for providing this test. I've been a stay at home mom for the last 4 years. I am reentering the work field and needed to freshen up on my 10 key and typing skills. This helped boost my self-esteem about the test I am taking tomorrow for my 1st enterview in 7 years." -Tracy
"Learn 2 Type is one of the best typing programs I have ever used. Thanks for putting it online." - Johnnie R. B
"This is the best typing program I've run across. My accuracy has alway been good, but speed was the pits! In two weeks, with only about an hour or two a day, my speed has increased from 25-30wpm to 53wpm. Thanks to your program I can now apply for a decent job! I've just started with the 10 key and it's going just as well. Thank you!." -Deborah W
"I want the thank the LEARN 2 TYPE team for the LEARN 2 TYPE programs that are online this program has help me perform a typing speed test of 56,wpm. I started out with 35,wpm. I had increased in 2 weeks. THANKS AGAIN PURECHOCLATE1." -Pc
" I like to type, and so I got on this website and just started doing these paragraphs. It has helped me a lot!! THANKS!!." -Kaitlyn
"i learned how to type looking up and ten time faster then i aarleady did!! so if u are looking at this right now and wandering if you shiuld try out the web site you defenitly should!! it is great!!:)."-NY
"Thank you for this free site. I have improved my speed and enjoy the word games. I have suggested it to several of my Senior friends. The games help keep the mind alert and the typing helps hand and eye coordination." -Hazel
"I am so glad I found learn2type. I used to be so slow at typing. Now, I am a very good typer! Thank you Learn2Type!." -Amanda
"I just started this computer class (for rookies) and this program has helped me out allot." -Aron
"I think that if this testing is pretty accurate then its really helpful to know how fast you really type. Especially how accurate you type. But there are some things you type faster than others and that varies your WPM. That's what I have encountered using this website. But I will still have to practice. It's nice how they have a website that people can practice on for free." -Nada
"This is a very easy website to use. I've found it to be very helpful and will recommend it to my friends. Thanks!." -Debra
"I just would like to thank you for these great interaction type, 10 key. They are all so much fun. And best of all Free." - Gloria Z
"When i first went to this website i thought it wouldnt help my skills of typing. But i was wrong it really helps.... so i racamend this to kids that need typing skills!." -Arrianna
"I use the site to practice my typing and ten key skills. I'm happy to say that I'm improving and I'm doing it with no trouble at all!." -Gabrielle M. S
"I thought that your learn 2 type program is fantastic it helps me practice my typing and number skills it also helps me with my timings when I have to take them in typing class on Tuesday and Thursday and even for the final exam! I also rate this typing program a 10 and also say it is #1 typing progam in the state of Arizona and think that college students who needs to use it for a class they should use it! Thanks You for leting me try your typing program for free!." -Stacey MR
"How well this site has improved my typing speed When I started school they gave us this web address to practice typing I started in October 2003 typing 16 wpm. It's April and I'm typing 47 wpm with 100% accuracy." -Keisha
"I really enjoyed this website. It has taught me a lot about how to type faster and more accurate." -Jen
"I used this site everyday for a year and a half to get better at typing and it really works. I went from a twenty to a ninety word per minute range. Thanks." -Carla C
"I was looking for sites for my 10 year old to learn to type (he just had his first typing project, that I ended up doing) and was very pleased to see that you have lessons geared towards kids. I can't wait to show him this tonight." -Valerie
"This is a great site for practice, and it's FREE. It's even personalized as the member's tests are stored, it means you can check your progress as you log in. I am still dicovering some other benefits, I am a new-user of computer and I believe typing skill is important...Thanks for the website." -josie
"It's really a good website. Practice is good. And you can do that here on your website. You can practice typing all day long. Thanks! It's GREAT!!!!." -AggieNes
"I appreciate this website letting the guests take the timed typing test. It's helped a lot. Now I know where I need to improve. ;-)." -Aimee B
"I would like to thank u guys over at LEARN 2 TYPE because i started at 2000 strokes per min and now I am at 6000 strokes per min and more. THANKS." -tierra 012000
"I love this website! I am a supervisor who has a few associates who need improvement on their typing skills. I have given this site to all of my employees and have encouraged them to use it during their free times here at the office." -Mary
"You helped me type faster tahn what I used too! Thanks Learn to type." - Lance p
"You Helped me Learn 10-key on my own I just wanted to say your service is a big help, I always wanted to do ten-key for resume purposes and I accomplished it. I was very happy... Thanks Alot Learn 2 Type." -Ashleigh
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