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Ten Key Test

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Free ten key test will measure your 10 key speed for data entry.

Using the numeric keypad, type the ten key test exercise shown starting from the TOP line going from LEFT to RIGHT. Click the TEST ME! button when finished with the test and your data entry speed will be shown. The numbers shown below have extra spacing between them for readability, do not type spaces between them. Press the ENTER or RETURN key when you see the word ENTER. Your 10-Key speed and accuracy will be measured automatically by the server, and a performance evaluation will be displayed along with your ten key speed.
You may also get an optional Ten Key Certificate with online 10 key speed verification and a professionally printed 10 Key Certification document suitable for framing after completing the 10 key tests.
You may also create a free tenkey lesson user account that will allow you to store your ten key test results and provide keypad entry score and performance graphs, so you can monitor your own data entry skill improvement over time.

Remember, keypad accuracy is just as important as typing speed, so don't rush through the ten key exercise.

10 Key Test           Click here to load a new exercise
802.34 / 3991.87 ENTER
1484.19 - 6497.42 ENTER
2734.45 * 9700.63 ENTER
3402.13 + 5339.05 ENTER
8073.69 + 7519.91 ENTER
2919.50 - 5720.14 ENTER
2525.56 - 8369.27 ENTER
9195.43 / 1708.92 ENTER
8307.29 * 3546.47 ENTER
5468.92 + 6797.86 ENTER


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