Learn to Type! Learn2Type for Schools
Learn2Type for Schools is a FREE service for teachers and educators to monitor their student performance. Individual student accounts can be created, these accounts will be linked to your Teacher Console, allowing you to monitor each student's performance from a central location. View the Teacher Console tutorial video to see how easy it is to use Learn2Type for Schools.

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Individual student accounts will login to Learn2Type for Schools, with exercises chosen for education content and ease of learning by youngsters. Learn2Type for Schools also offers extended privacy features to shield student identities, supress all marketing emails, and filter (or eliminate, see below) advertising banners. See our Privacy Policy for details.

Learn2Type.com is a free service, maintained by sponsors and advertisers. Grownups receive the full range of advertising messages which allows us to keep this service free. For kids, specific exceptions are made as listed above. In addition, we offer the "Ad Buyout" option to schools.

The Ad Buyout Option
Banner advertising is what supports our site and allows us to provide the service free of cost. However, we offer schools the option to "buyout" ads from all their student sessions for a low $99/year fee per enrolled class (upto 1000 student accounts can be used in a class). Of course the service remains FREE if you don't wish to buyout the banner ads.

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