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The free typing test will measure your WPM speed and allow you to share your daily typing scores with friends on Facebook or Google+.

Type the exercise paragraph exactly as shown below and click the TEST ME! button when finished. Your speed and accuracy will be measured automatically by the typing test, and a performance evaluation will be displayed along with your typing speed.

You may also get an optional typing certificate with online verification and a professionally printed certification document suitable for framing after completing the typing tests. Remember, keyboarding accuracy is just as important as speed, so don't rush through the typing exercise. You may also create a free typing lesson account that will allow you to store your typing test results and provide performance graphs, so you can monitor your own typing skill improvement over time.
When taking these typing tests, you do NOT need to press the ENTER key between lines, the text that you type will automatically wrap to the next line when it reaches the end. Click in the box below to start the timer and begin the test.
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I adored airplane food as a child. Blissfully situated between my parents, I awaited the presentation of my meal with greater anticipation than the arrival at our destination. I can recall early morning flights: peeling back the foil from my orange juice cup, savoring the lukewarm, cabin-temperature juice, and falling asleep on my mother's shoulder.


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