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Typing job skills are essential when you are looking for an office job, or want to improve your employment status with a promotion for working efficiently. Check your typing speed, while this may seem obvious, many job seekers simply do not know their own typing speed.

How do you prove your keyboarding prowess to prospective employers? You need verifiable proof of your typing speed, in the form of a typing speed certificate that clearly shows how you did on the typing tests.

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As your browser does not support the Facebook comment plugin, you may only read the comments. Really appreciate sites like this that help enhance skills resources like this can help you to succeed in careers and personal goals..makes it worth ANY MONEY spent for a certificate!This is an outstanding website for enhancing a persons typing skills. The exercises are very challenging. I believe I am becoming addicted to it. And this is a Good Thing.Hi I'm Letta i really appreciate these site it helps more people like me to improve typing.its so...... helpful....... My thanks to the site....... I really mean it !!I am new to the site and want to brush up on typing skills. would love a job I could do from home using my computer and typing skills. wonder if there are any out there going to get started practicing more and looking around.hiiiiiiiii my name amit I like this site b because I can check my typing speed easily and I can do my typing prastic.and how r u.................... and happy independence day.Its about time I finally get around to learning to type starting from today.I've had an account here before facebook so no more procrastinating lol!
Learn2Type.com Welcome to the public job seeker comments on Learn2Type.com! Feel free to participate and post your comments.I like learn2type because I can study my skill typing.now I'm just practic typing still I'm cormfident.I like LEARN2TYPE.COM because it easy and flexible and easy to practice and a big source for increasing my typing speed.It is most and much important to me and all.... I like ' learn2type.com' must in my valuable life. Now I'm just practicing typing period by period. My typing skills is improving daily. I hope that it will improve soon. Thank you Krishna Subba for sharing this.I like to tipe Learn2Type.com! It improve my speed and score. It is very helpfull. Thank you fo that.hi