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Perry Lee Bruner I love this site learn2type.com I am still amazed that it is totally free after six years now I have been on here improving my typing skills. I am finally up to 55wpm and I love how it keeps track of my progress all the way back to June of '06 when I was at 11wpm! :-)\nCool site. I am so glad I finally quit one finger pecking at my keyboard and learned the proper way! Mostly thanks to Learn2type.com thanks guys!
Srijana Shrestha Ghimire useful method to evaluate the typing speed
June Ledet I enjoy this typing lesson because you can learn typing speed everyday. And it give you your scores on how first or how slow your speed is.
Saurabh Joshi I am want do D.T.P. (Graphic Design)
Outsourcing Software E-Book Games I think this is very effective and resourceful typing learning site so every body should visit here and learn some typing for future carier build up.\n\nI am professionally typist. If anybody need quick and speedy typing just message me.
SY Shea This website is nice to practice typing. ......But for one thing I felt a bit short is that the paragraph content of typing test is rather limited it is the same paragraphs over and over and soon I felt boring because of typing the same thing over and over. Is it possible for Learn2Type.com to increase the variety of paragraphs in the typing test? Not just limited to casual folklores and children short stories and random reviews but if possible expend further to the technical fields such as having paragraphs in chemistry physics medicals mathematics economics politics world-wide history humanity philosophy laws even direct quotes from novels or from random blogs of someone else. In that case I think it will be more fun in the typing test and as the typing difficulty increases it will also truly tests the skill of typist.
Raelynn Pease learn to type has helped me trumdusly in exceling to type in class and at home I love it but I still cant spell all words correctly but I can type thus in 3seconds
Deeann Escobar Watanabe I have been typing on this site for 2 years. I started at 25 wpm. I just took a 5 minute typing test at my local employment business center and I scored a 51 wpm with 7 errors and a 46 with 5 errors. I needed a 40 for the job I am applying to. So I made it thanks to Learn2type!! It's great!!
Amber Arkel I haven't received my emailed certificate
Irene Hunkler Can anyone tell me what the price of the certificate is? I would like to refer prospective employees who have to type a certain number of wpm to this website depending of the price of the certificate.
Deeann Escobar Watanabe Does anyone know why the web sight is going down 1 or 2 times a day?
CW Dantos I practice about 8 hours per week and have been stuck on lesson 1. My accuracy is good.\nDo you have a drile to increase speed?Why on a typing test does it tell me I have missed several lines(shown in red) when I have typed it word for word?Anyone else sick of that old guy waving his finger at you?Exellent site. Now my typing and acurracy is going up. I am olready getting complements for my typping. Thanks!
Paula Ann Hawkins-Reinke Greetings my 1st Day and I'm enjoying this site. It's so easy to use and so much fun. I find myself coming back to better my scores. Hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day Holiday. Peace and Joy Always. Paula AnnI would love to know the 'secrets' of you guys who consistently get scores of 100+? I'm currently averaging 70 but I don't know how to get any faster despite daily practice. I either have 'typing fingers' or I don't and the days that I don't I might as well not bother. I need to be consistent for a typing job I want to go for. Tips mightily appreciated! So far the ones I've learned are: \Go
Princess Mona Good Work.....
Salwa Raheel Gr8 website....
Louise Masters DuBois I have been using this site off and on for quite awhile. It is a really great way to practice and improve your typing skills.
Tia Vines Hi where can I find my typing speed when I sign back in?\n
Loren Engcong I'm happy to discover this site..cause i really love to learn how to typ faster than i could
David Francis I just lost my job of 6 years yesterday and feel upset. This site is a tremendous resource. How do I find Data Entry jobs in MI what is the basic speed of KPH they need?
Omar Singhateh I need help guys.
Can anybody tell me what is \Re