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Typing Basics 1

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The first step is to select a comfortable chair and sit in front of the keyboard. Your back should be resting firmly against the back of the chair. You should be able to reach the keyboard without needing to stretch forward, a chair with wheels (such as a typical office chair) provides this mobility. Your arms should be relaxed and elbows should be slightly bent, move your chair closer to or further from the keyboard as required.
Place your hands over the keyboard and curl your fingers as shown in the illustration. Avoid bending your wrists as this may put stress on them. Depending on the type of keyboard, the surface may be flat or ergonomically shaped. You should not rest your palms as this causes your wrist to bend. However, some keyboards may have a wrist wrest built in, or you can use a keyboard pad or gel wrist rest if you need to raise and rest your palms. The keyboard layout (AZERTY/QUERTY/DVORAK) has no effect on the posture you have to maintain. typing finger placement
Click here for more information about typing related injuries caused by bad posture or wrist action.

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