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Learn2Type.com has received many, many accolades and testimonials (over 567 comments displayed) about how good our service is! Below are some of the comments we have received from our users, as the list is enormous only 50 testimonials are displayed on a page, feel free to browse through all the pages about our typing tests and typing certification. Note that all testimonials are un-edited and appear exactly as typed by the members.

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" a few notes to say thanks i'm very greatful for the typing tools (we the users on-line) available it has really helped me and possible many others like me again many thanks." - Neomi
" hajlahjah!! there's a site that's free & actually teaches you someting at you own pace. I can even use this at work as an acceptible learning tool. thanks!!!"
" Hey great web site I like using it alot." - Stefanie
" Great web tool! I didn't know I needed so much work on my 10 key strokes." - Steven
"I use your site every day. I'm not sure that I'm improving, but I find typing a great stress reliever.Love your site, thanks for having it."
" I love this website it gives me something to do after I finish my work in class(keyboarding 3)it's educational,fun, and informative so thanks for making this website for people like me who get board easily. thanks! Sincerely, " - Megan
" learn2type.com provides you the simplest way to fine out your typind speed, there is no need of any installations or software required for this process. I like it and i am planning to tell all of my friedns about this site who are concern about their typing skills. Thank you very much to learn2type.com team, keep it up. " - Yogesh
" I thinkt that learn2type.com has improved my typing skills. The typing test is a very interesting way to get people to learn typing." - Annie
" this site is very usefull for me to practice my skill of the speed thank you for this site yours faithfully " - Jameel
" this is a cool website." - Megan
" I stumbled on this website and it is fantastic. I have been using it daily for about two months and I have literally taught myself to type. I am up to 39 words a minute and still going. Thank you!" - Fred
"Subject: typing Text: this site is amazing! i have learned how to type so fast i can type 150 wpm now. im addicted to this site"- Mary
" I'm absoulutely addicted to this site. I never go out in the day any more. All my time is spent on this site! HELP! There should be more sites like this one! Now that this website is here I can rejoyce ." - Eve
" excellent to use" - KT
"l i like your typing test. much nonsense. makes me laugh. good humor." - Mel
"I like this site I continue to take the typing test to keep up my speed and to improve on it. My average speed right now is 63 wpm ." - Marlo
" I am thoroughly enjoying your site, its improved my speed but the 10 key test is what I realy needed to practice on after being use to the old type keyboard. (123 on the top row) This is the first site I can continue practicing on with results amd without having to purchase the rest of the programme. I am 47 and hav'nt worked in Data Processing for around 24 years now. THANK YOU and YOUR SPONSORS " - Lorraine from England
"I think that this is such a wonderful website. I have learned to type really fast, by using your practice tests. Also I like to search word game that you also have. Thank you for teaching me to type!" - Steph
" This is a great site. Thank you for making it a free site. It's nice to be able to practice typing without having to install another thing on my computer and taking up space on the hard drive.The games are a great idea for the "breaks".Thank you, again, for a great site and not for charging any fees. " - S.B.
" great website !" - Nino
" I like the idea of practising my typing skills.To whom it may concern ...Thank you!" - Ruth
" Hi! Thanks for the opportunity to be able to learn how to type at my own pace and in my own time and all this in my own home,and the greatest thing about it is that it is free.Wow!!You really are something else. Just wanted to say thanks, I'm a 50+ lady so this is quite something." - Liz
" This is so cool.I've always wanted to learn to type properly without looking at the keys etc,now I have the opportunity to learn at my own pace. A long time ago I wasn't that hot at typing,I'm still not that hot, but I do have the chance to start practicing, what you have made available for free. sure hope you and yours will be blessed. " - Liz
"i am really like you programe. i have given all my friends this site. Thank you ." - Manori
" I love this site! It is the best." - Pat
" It's helping, Thanks." - MZ
" I'm really enjoying your program. I especially like the test where I can see how fast i'm typing. Also the number lessons are very helpful. I didn't know that you use the keypad on the right of your computer instead of the numbers on the top of the keyboard. Thank you!" - DG
" this a great webb site!!!!!!!!! in this place you dont need any information about yourself. i was trying to find a place and no other worked. this is the best place ever. Love," - Esperanza
"This is the best place. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Gaby
" What a fantastic site. I am going for a job interview and need to improve my typing speed and accuracy. This has helped a great deal.Thank!" - KL
" You are doing a fantastic job, keepup the good work. For people who are just starting, it is fabulous to get this kind of service on line, one has to count their lucky star.Thank you once again." - BR
"l feel this site is a very good site to help all of the college students practice typing. thanks for the great site." - Lynn
" With patience...one can overcome many things. I started at 20wpm...with the lessons and practicing almost everyday...now im at 45wpm in just short period of time...If I can do it...anybody can"
" This website is great, my typing speed has improved and without any charges for using this program. Thank you." - YM
"Love your program. It is progressive,easy to understand!! and fun fun fun :-) I am glad I found I your sight." - Julie
" Thnk you for making a waeb site for kids to try to leasrn 2 type. I have improved my typing." - Melissa
" I just want to thank you so much. I'm between jobs and your simple free tests have really, really helped me keep my speed and skills up!Its just very nice and thoughtful for someone to set up such a site and not for profit!! Thanks & God bless ya!!!!!" - Teri
" Good morning and thank you for making this tool available to me. I enjoyed my first day . Thanks again for this awesome tool. I've putting off learning this skill for 40 years and am grateful for the opportunity. Have a great day and warmest regards," - George
" I really love your site and it is helping me a great deal with my typing. I have tried many programs and this is one of the greatest. Thanks." - D
" This website is excellent. Thank you for it. It helps a lot especially when it's been a while since you've practiced typing but, can't afford to buy one of those expensive programs. So, mucho Thank you. " - Juli
" Thank you for the free website and typing skills testing service. I love it." - Lynne
" I just wanted to say hay, and thank you for your servises. i completed my keyboarding classes and ended up with a 34 words a minute with 3 errors in a five minute time writing test. . your Learn 2 Type leasons help me get to where i am know. you have a great thing here, and free, well you can't beat that. Thank you again for your help." - Timothy
"Thankyou learning 2 type i have enjoyed using the site to learn 2 type i shall continue using it until i gain my certificate thankyou once again and i also had a go at the word games as well very good ." - Sue
" I love your website it is a great idea...Thanks!!! " - Laura
"good job" - Mike
" Thank you for offering out lear2type to the public it has greatly improved my typing speed and because of that I will be able to get the job that I am traing myself to get. I for one really aprreciate you service, and want to thank you again." - James
" I'm just learning how to enter data and the accuracy I received on typing and 10 key is astronomical" - Veronica
"this is so cool" - Dalry
" I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your website. Thank you so much for not making me pay to update my typing capabilities. THE SITE IS THE BEST!!!! Keep up the good work and thank you again from an Admin. Assistant."
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