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Learn2Type.com has received many, many accolades and testimonials (over 567 comments displayed) about how good our service is! Below are some of the comments we have received from our users, as the list is enormous only 50 testimonials are displayed on a page, feel free to browse through all the pages about our typing tests and typing certification. Note that all testimonials are un-edited and appear exactly as typed by the members.

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" type to learn is number 1" - Charles
" Thank you so much, Learn2type.com!!I have been trying to find a better job over the last few months and I had not been having much luck. Eventually, I saw an ad in the paper for a typing job, but you had to be able to type at least 40 WPM. I knew it had been a long time since I had tested my speed and I wasn't sure that I could do it. So, I looked on-line for a free typing test and...KA-BLAM!! I found Learn2type.com! I tried your free test and I was only doing about 32 WPM. With lots of practice, I managed to get myself up to 49 WPM in just a few days!!! I went today for the typing test, knowing that I would be totally nervous and probably mess it all up. But, guess what? I passed the test and I got the job!!!Thanks again!! " - Dennis, PA
" Thankyou for your excellent site, it is really helping me thanks." - Rosalind
"this is a great website for students! its been great for me too, in trying to sharpen my typing skills." - Kim
" please keep on good work." - Mic
" this rox this world!its really teaching my little sister.I wish this was around whene I was a little kid.I hope she really is a good typer whene she is finished with this." - Maya
" I am enjoying your typing course! But I still have a long way to go. Thanks for offering the course for free." - BH
"l found that learn 2 type is very good.I practice almost everyday. Now, my accuracy and my speed are improving.Thank you for the program." - Lue
" I really love this site. It's made my typing improve so much. THANKS!" - DL
"it is a good website" - Vinny
"Thank you for helping me sharpen my typing skills. I am practicing for a civil service exam. This website was a great help to me . I really hope I pass the test. Thanks again!!!!" - Deborah
" This website is cool" - TS
"I think this site you guys have here is a wonferful site for kids to learn how to type at there own speed keep up the good work." - Eng
" I think that this typing program is very cool. Your giving people whio need lessons free ones and i thnk that it is great. keep up the good work." - Rose
" I think this site is very useful. " - Robert
" I think this website is great. I love typing." - Gaby
" I really love this free type testing on-line. This place really rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You:):):):):):):):):):):):) Bye-Bye. " - Tia
" This website really helped me improve my typing speed for my typing class. " - Amanda
" I think is great that you provide free typing lessons. i have been searching for a while. I think that this is good. AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH-" - Liliana
"Thank you for your generosity. and the support that you give on this website." - MJ
"Thank you so much for offering this online service. My typing speed and accuracy has greatly improved! I'm praticing everyday and enjoying it alot. Again, thank you." - Larry
" I think this program is very helpful.My typing speed has increased quit a bit. thanks learn 2 type." - Jean
"Exercise is very helpful." - Carole
" Dear Learn 2type - thank you for your system I have more than doubled my speed all though I didn't get the job that I was crashing for I did learn to type better so thank you I will contiune and get better so that One day that perfect Job that requires my skills will come along I'll nail it down Just need to work on my spelling eh? Thanks." - Mark from BC
" I love this website, I have along way to go but for the first time ever I am typing without looking at the keys. With daily practice on this wonderful site I hope to improve my skills enough to get a good job. Thank-you for providing this awesome site." - Lori
"Hai, I like this website, because its great useful to me.I improved my typing skills alot by doing the exercises and practicing it daily. I like the new certification program too.Thanks,Regards" - Kaleswari
"Thank you for having this learing to type it is awesome that its free once again thanks ." - Bridgett
" Im really glad that I found this site its very helpful, I've learned alot. And I also got alot of great specials from the sponsers. Thanks alot," - Latasha
" THANK YOU, This service has been great, a big help with the class , I am now in. " - Mark
" I am really enjoying using the Learn2type program on my computer. It is really enhancing my typing speed and accuracy. Also the 10key is coming in handy as well. Now if I could just find me a job to use my skills I will be doing 100%. I want to say thanks for creating this for those who can not afford to purchase the typing software. Thanks again." - AF
" Your program has resly helped me to inprove my typing I am glad I fount this web site. By me using this program I am starting to be alble to type wiithout looking down at my hands. I Thankyou for having this program on the net for free Yours Truly," - Deanne C.
" I love this website it is fantastic!Thank you so much" - Jamie
" Thank You To Whom it may concern Thank you for the on-line evaluation. I am pleased with your tyoing progra=m=20 and it has helped me" - Carole
"hi this typong thing is the best now i can type 95% 45 words per minute i love this site i hope they never close it." - Jessica
" I love this website is fun." - JW
"I really like this web site I use this web site at school. Keep this web site !!!!" - MEGAN
" I have been using this site for over a year now and have fun with it while I am learning to type. I have gone from no typing skill to an average of 35 WPM. I am happy with the results and like to type at my own learning speed. thank you for my new skill which helps me every day now." - Jack
" This is great!" - Pam
"Thanks for your web site, it is really very helpful. I need to practice on my speed as I am applying for a job that needs a skill in typing. It is wonderful to know that you are just a click away.Sincerely," - Celia
"I am a qualified assessor and trainer, working in Tasmania, Australia. I have been using your site for myself and for a recent group of students that I trained in IT skills. I am most impressed with the way in which it is structured and the ease with which the site can be used….Yours sincerely," - V Phillips
"Thank you for this site. For years I have been able to type but due to serveral strokes (2) I have lost power in my right arm/hand. Your site will help me along with typing practice!Thanks againl ." - Lawrence
" i just wanted to thank you for this site. I can not afford classes, and thanks for the free typing I am able to write this note to you without spending twenty minutes on the computer. THANK YOU-" - Nicole
" The typing test is a really neat tool. I really enjoyed it." - L.W
" I found this site to be a realy good site. It is helping me to improve my typing." - AMANDA
" Learn 2 type has really help enhance my speed and accuracy in typing. I would encourage anyone who would like to become better to practice with learn 2 type. Trust me you can only get better." - Shenecia
" I think that this typing lessons will help me." - Chris
" This is very good program to enhance your typing skills." - Peggy
" this website is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Makaylla
" I really enjoy this site, it gives me some good practice in my free time. I am normally an average typer, but I think everyone can use more practice. Thank you for providing a site that anyone can learn from." - Darcy
"Thank you all for making this program to help out people with there typing skills and helping them to get better grades in typing class. I will recommand this website to my friends that also need help typing. Gotta Blaze!!" - Strawb
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