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Learn2Type.com has received many, many accolades and testimonials (over 567 comments displayed) about how good our service is! Below are some of the comments we have received from our users, as the list is enormous only 50 testimonials are displayed on a page, feel free to browse through all the pages about our typing tests and typing certification. Note that all testimonials are un-edited and appear exactly as typed by the members.

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"lThis website is great. I really like it becaue it is perfect for people like me that are not good typers. Keep up the good work, you will never know how much it has helped me . Thank you so much" -LR
"Z really enjoys using the learn 2 type for kids because it gives her enough practice to improve her skills for her computer keyboarding class. I find this site very useful because it is not always typing the same things over and over again, it is different and very interesting. Thanks to the learn 2 type website my computer keyboarding skills have improved a drastic amount." -TZ
"This website has been a big help for me to build up my speed and accuracy with my typing and my ten key skills" -PH
"thank you very much for the frere lessons on typing it really helps out alot for those who cannot afford to pay for lessons." -BR
"this is a good site."
"I think this site is great for students and adults reason being they get to do alot of educational stuff and it is also great in the area of learning to improve your typing skills.I am a studentl and I use the site alot and in addition i have improved my typing skills and also my marks." -AG
"hello i would just like to say that is a very challenging website of testing i have token many keybording classes but this reall made me work hard very good for all ages to try and make their keyborading skills as good as they can sense modt professions are working with computers in this generation everyone should know how to type." -Domonique
"Hello. I thought you're program was very good and it did actually make me want to type better. Good job!" -Gill
"Your website is excellent as it teaches people to touch type as well as keyboard speed and accuracy. I have emailed your website address to friends so that they too can use it. Not much is free on the web without a catch and this I am pleased to say appears to be so."- Helen
"I just learned to keyboard two months ago. This is a great site! It is really helping me get the practice I need."- Rona
"your typing lessons are a tremendous help thank you"
"I love your website and I think it is good for kids like me(12 years old)I love your website and I hope kids that are my age enjoy it as much as I do!!!-Thanx," - Tiffany
"This site is both convenient and fun. I enjoy taking a free typing test and improving my typing at the same time."- Amy
"i like it"
"I like this cool learning website because i learn alot from it." - Leon
"Great Website!!"
"I like ur site activities it is a good learning site specially one who wants to need some practice in typing, I have only find this website who gives the online typing education and it is good for us who wants to improve our accuracy and speed both."- Mkhan
"I just wanted to say that your website has been so helpful to me by getting my typing speed up in just a couple of weeks. Thanks for offering this resource at no charge to your users. It is really appreciated. I have told several people about you and they are now all using your site." - Rhonda
"I have learnt alot from this programme,THANK YOU,ll very much I will always be using it thank you,ll once again."
"This website can really teach you how to type correctly and the right format. Our teacher was really happy to get us signed up to be able to ccome and type here. Now everybody is doing alot better in their typing skills. So I just want to say thans! :)" - Beth
"I decided to use your site because I have my first word processing examinations tommorow and wanted to test my speed as well as accuracy.I was heartened to find that I can type over 50 words a minute, not bad for someone who has never learned how to touch type the proper way!Has helped my confidence, and I shall be returning again soon!Great site." - Anthony
"It feels like like I'm at a crative school exept I'm at home!!!!!I Just Love Learn 2 Type. If I had to give this a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it a 1000 " - Sally
"I love learn2type.com. It's a cool website for kids and adults. I type fast now thanks to learn2type.com. My moms even proud of me and learn2type. I love learn2type.com" - Elizabeth
"This site is SSSOOO awesome!..Thank you so much...I have so many friends also that are looking for ways to sharpen our office skills...This is great "- VB
"I am extremely glad with your program. I had downloaded one other to my computer but I like this one 100% better." - Karen
"Hello,I have found your site to be excellent in aiding me in increasing my typing speed...I have also recommended this site to my Job Workshop Coach. She is encouraging all of her clients, now, to come to the Learn2Type.com site to practice their typing skills.This has been a wonderful experience." - Peggy B
"excellent, lots of fun. I was able to reach the minimum typing speed for my latest job application. Thank you"
"Hi I just thought I should let you know that since I've been on your web site it has increase my typing skill tremdously. Thank you very much." - Christina
"Hi!This is a great free website i'v learned a lot since i started using it keep up the good work guy's." - Sandra
"Good tests. Most testing done by agencies are standaridized. And once a person tests at one center the others are similar. Thanks for the variety. " - TT
"This program is great I enjoy using it and it has helped me a great deal for school and typing projects." - Christie
"well I really love this site I think its great it helps me improve on my typing if not rite now it probabily would take me forever to type this now up so i just would like to say that this is great I can't say it enough I enjoy typing and Whoever idea it was to come up with this site deserves a pat on the back for an brillant idea." - Jaz
"Thanks for being hear for us I,m 39 yrs old and I want to learn, how to do this the right way. and this realy helps.Thanks " - CD
"Your typing tutor is great!"
"Thank you. This service really does help me improve my skills with typing. I greatly appreciate it.Sincerely," - Elaine
"I think that this is a great site. It helps people to learn how to type so that they can be prepared for this day and age when the technology keeps getting better and better. I being in school during this time am very appreciative of this site. I have to take a computer class, and if I don't get to a certain speed by the ende of this year I may not pass the class. I have been looking and looking for a website or some kind of progra, that would help me with my typing, because I am not really the best typer ever. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this website. Thank You. " - Merel
"Hi learn2type.com. I think when ur on learn2type.com who ever created this website is a great person. People all around the world can learn to type really fast thanks to learn2type.com u rock." - ET
"Just to say thanks to everyone at Learn2type. I'm a 14 year old girl and has deeply benifited from your input.Keeep it up! " - K
"Thank You very much for the information provided. Am very happy with your website." - HM
"This program is wonderfull,i have only spent a little bit of time in here and i already feel more secure in my typing ability.not spelling unfortunatly... thanks for being there. " - Charl…
"I think this is a good program"
"Thank you, Learn 2 Type, for giving me a place to practice my typing. You have given me the chance to gain spead as well as accuracy.This has helped me prepare for employment." - Michelle
" This is a wonderful site. I am learning how to type faster, in no time I will be a master at the keyboard. Thank You so much for these typing tests. Keep up the Great Site!" - Val
" I enjoy taking your typing tests - great fun. Thanks so much for your interesting site. I try and take the test most days to improve my speed. It was - after a few goes 47 wpm with no mistakes! " - Pam
"Your site is A-1. I had made use of it from time to time in the past, and it was always my favorite of the ones I've tried. Recently however, it has become invaluable to me, as I broke my wrist last fall plus had nerve damage in two of my fingers from the operation, so I have been struggling to inch back up to my previous 80 wpm. After years and years of typing, I don't need the exercises -- I just like to race myself over and over with the typing test. It's a great way to practice, and I love the instantaneous results, but what really stands out for me is your quirkily entertaining test copy. I'd like to meet the person who's in charge of that. I recommend your site to everyone (I know lots of people who still use the old hunt & peck) because now that I've just lived it both ways I feel even more compelled to convince them of the error of their ways! Thanks very much," - Rebecca
" It is very usful web learning. I could get more typing speed experience in here. I love this web sits. Well done!. Keep doning your wonderful job. Thank you!"
"I just wanted to tell you that I love your site, and it is so helpful and fun." - Jenny
"Ladies and Gentlemen:"Learn 2 Type" is a terrific website for people like me who wants to be the best in the job market. When searching for a good job you have to be on the top of your game and I felt that I needed that little support in my typing. With this web site I'm able to improve my typing speed as well as evaluate it, and I find that quite impressive. Keep up the good work and continue to help other who's striving for the same desire.Yours truly," - Cherina
"a great web site!" - Jennifer
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