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Learn2Type.com has received many, many accolades and testimonials (over 567 comments displayed) about how good our service is! Below are some of the comments we have received from our users, as the list is enormous only 50 testimonials are displayed on a page, feel free to browse through all the pages about our typing tests and typing certification. Note that all testimonials are un-edited and appear exactly as typed by the members.

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"i am an awesome typer now that this program has helped me. i can type using all my fingers and with out looking at the keyboard...bye." -Kiki
"I enjoy being able to learn how to type fast for free." -Berkley B
"I truly love your typing web page. They are really very helpful when you is learning to type." -Tina H
"Thank you for having a free web site that helps me keep my typing skills up. I am enjoying the tracking of my progress."-Lynn S.
"thanks, it really helps to have a free site like this. thank you to those who built it. " -L.J. Michaels
"My typing is getting much better since i have joined this site. thank you for this program available for those who don't have other resources." -vickie
"I think this website is a great programe for kids and for people who don't know how to type." -Kaitlyn
"Up to date and a very usefull website. Keep up! With Best Regards, Yours Sincerely, Dr. A. Alisher."-Dr. A. Alisher MD PhD
"This web-site is helping me to improve my typing skills, keep up the good work thank you." - Alison
"GREAT I think this program on the internet really works and is helpful to a lot of people!" -Lyndsay
"I like the way this site teaches th art of typing. This people have made it fun to learn to type, much unlike high school. Thank you." -Anthony
" Need to let everyone know :0) I have been practicing and I am truly getting better and I just want to let everyone know that without the learn2type I wouldn't be as good as I am now. I had surgery on my hand and tore a leigament and so my hand doesn't work to good, and with this lear2type I just think I could get a Secretarial Job. SO it really works just stay on it :0)." -lisa
"Hi. I really think that this website is a good idea. my computer teacher got me to go to this site cause i type so fast. See my mother does too. Well I just wanted to say every time i go to this site I feel like i am a better typer just after 1 lesson or test. I see how slow r fast i went and then i try even harder to do even better, well gotta jet but Thanks a whole lot for this website." -Tyler W
" These are great...and free! What more can a person ask for!?! I have been looking for a testing tool for awhile and came upon your site. Since then I often take time out to test myself with the typing and 10 key tests. I've told others about this site and know they use it, too. Its greatly appreciated." -Deanna C
"Thanks i think your free typing test is amazing and helpful it helped me get a job and its great what you guys did well thanks." - Fried Edwin
"Awesome this is like the best website to test typing speed. the little paragraphs are hilarious. thanks a bunch!" - snugglie
"I just want to say Thanks this program is great it tells you everything you need to know were you need to improve This is the best. Thanks." -MissyMichelle
"Learn2type has limit my worries,In how many words can I express my wonderful gratitudy the facilitators of such an educative website? I have been wondering on how I can keep myself consistently practicing my typing skills, and thank God, learn2type has liquified my worries. This site is really a blessing." - SAAH J.D. K
"I think your typing tests are great. They have helped me improve my typing speed alot." -Barbara R
"I very like your website lern2type.com. It is done very professional, and it's help me to be very good typist." -I Vinogradova
"I am very glad that I found this site I find it very helpful to myself on getting my typing skills improved as well as my numeric skills I will recommend this site to others. Thank you for your help in helping me do better." -C
"Glad to have found this website, no fees or anything to buy, and immediate feedback. :)..." -Shawna
"I just think that this site is great. It is great for people who don't know how to type or just need some improvements. I myself type 47 words per minute, but all I do mostly data entry for a living so I must know how to type fast. I am here just trying to make it even better and so far it is working." -Angela
"This is an excellent site for adults and kids alike who need to built their typing skills. Thank you so much for offering a site that helps instead of turns our brains to mush like so many other things online today." -Janice
"Thanks for having free typing sites like this This is a great site." -Diana
"I think that the program is really nice. It shows you skills to a better way of typing or to learn how to type. I have been using this program for 1 year and I will definately recommend it to other people for them to use it. I didn't know a thing about typing, but now I can type kind-of fast." -Joycelyn F
"Thank you for such a prefessional and orinized way to learn, improve and perfect your typing and 10-key. I had been searching for a website like this for a very long time. I will soon be unemployed and need to improve on my skills. Again, Thank you www.learn2type.com." -BB
"I think this website is a very professional and organized way to improve and perfect your typing skills. I am very impressed and wouldn't have wanted to complete my typing skills in any other way. Thank-you vey much www.learn2type.com." -Candice
"I have a great opportunity to get a veyr good job and they require that I type at least 20wpm and I can barely do that . I took typing in school , but I had no way of timing myself when it came down to it. Thanks to a good freind she introduced me to this site and I have been able to learn more of the basics and get the practice that I need to go after my dream Job.. Thanks for providing this site so we can all succeed in life." -Kimberly
"I thought this was so easy until I timed myself, I thought I was an excellent typist, we can be very dillusional can't we! I have an opportunity for advancement in my company and one of the requirements is to be able to type 50+ words a minute HAHA I get one more chance at this (I failed the first time 37 words per minute) I thought I was never going to be able to get the job I had no resources avaiable to increase my speed until I found you guys what a great opportunity, I am at 48 words per minute with "minimal errors" I WILL GET THIS PROMOTION! Thanks for providing this site. :)." -Jamie R
"I think that this is a great program for people to learn how to type, and it's free! Since using this program my typing skills have drasticly improved!." -Katie
"I truely enjoy this site, it has really trained me how to make use of the keyboard without even looking at it. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT." -Segun
"Hello to all who are reading this... If you want to learn typing, without looking at the keyboard, you are at looking at the right website. I luckily found. Let your friends find it through you....:-)." -Kavita T
" I am so happy that i discovered this website. It is improving my typing skills. My Job interview is in january. It will require a lot of typing. This site is the best site ever i am surprise it is free. Oh! by the way everywhere i go i talk about this site." -MZ
"i like a lot" - EF
"I enjoyed using the service. I liked the immediate feedback. ... Thanks again for the typing lessons." -S
"I thank yall for having a free tutor on which I can practice my typing skills yall have a good site thanks" -Ricky
"I am very impressed with the education on offer and I hope it will improve my chances of employment. Thank you." -Kathy
"I enjoy these exercises very much. I am a fairly new user so my typing skills are pitiful. I have gone from 4words aminute to about 20 in two months." -PH
"I love this site! It boosted my esteam for going into temp firms and taking thier typing tests. This site proves that I can type! Thank you so very much for creating a site like this." -M.
"THis is a great program for people to use. I think that you have a way of making peoples lives' a little easier. thank you for this program. thank you." -P.S.
"hey this website is really really kewl and it is pretty fun when you hsve nothing in the whole world to do at the time!" -S.Bryan
"Hello. My name is Andrea and I just wanted to tell you learn to type changed my typing skills. I am now faster and I hardly make any mistakes. I love www.learn2type.com and I hope that my typing skills get even better. Thank you very much!!" -Andrea
"I think your free on-line typing tests are just great. I recommend that you keep up the good work as far as keeping on-line and free. Since I've been on this on-line typing test line, my typing speed has improved a great deal. My accuracy has also improved. That's all thanks to you all and your free typing lessons. Thanks alot!" -TY
"What a wonderful site you have. I'm so glad you took out time to put it online and great way in increased one speed and accuracy in typing." -DJ
"I love this websight."
"I like your typing test! I will be useing them a lot!!!!!!" -F.Williams Jr.
"Hello! I just wanted to to tell you how great this site is! I love how patient everything is and how it is tactful when telling you that you need to improve. This is an amazing site, and my words per minute have gone from the thirties to the sixties! I really appreciate how you offer this site, and it is free! There isn't much in this world that is free anymore, and I am really grateful to you! It must take a lot of work, and a lot of updating! Thank you very much!Bye!" -BL
"this is a good place to learn how to type better.!!!!!!!!!"
"This is a great way to learn to type and to learn how to use the number bad!!!"
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