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Games and puzzles to relax (and to sharpen your brain) between typing lessons.

"Typing Games" do NOT teach you to type. Some sites pretend to teach you typing with a game, but you only end up playing games and not learning anything. Typing is serious stuff - either use the typing tutor, or play games - a list of kid-safe games is below. There is a time and place for everything, make enough time to learn and keep a little time aside to enjoy the finer side of computers (the games!). Without some play, all work would make you dull, not to mention bored out of your mind. So stay sharp with a lot of typing practice and a little bit of playtime to unwind between lessons.

Online Games List:
Bubble Shooter Arcade Game - an addictive and fun arcade game of popping bubbles. Launch a colored cue-ball and pop like colored bubbles. Unending levels, as long as you don't lose!

Tetris Game - The all time classic Tetris game. Blocks of different shapes will drop, rotate them and move them to stack up along the bottom of your screen.

Pacman Game - The all time classic Pacman game. Waka waka waka ...

Please note that all these games and links are provided by third parties not affiliated with Learn2Type.com and are supplied as-is.